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Diagnostic Radiology Residency Programme


About the Programme

Radiology is a rapidly evolving medical discipline. Patients’ demand for highly accurate diagnosis, early disease detection and minimally invasive treatments have spurred innovation and growth of radiology into the forefront of medical care. A radiologist serves as a leader of medical imaging service in our healthcare systems, responsible for planning, performing, interpretation and communications of various imaging modalities. While a pair of sharp eyes is an essential pre-requisite, it is also important for a modern radiologist to demonstrate deep compassion, strong communication skills, passion for learning and desire to explore.

The SingHealth Diagnostic Radiology Residency Programme is a five-year specialist training programme. Our vision is to nurture leaders in medical imaging who will positively impact medical care. Through a competency-based education framework, our Residents engage in active learning within authentic learning environments. Their learning journey is supported by an evidence-based curriculum and a strong core of medical educators.

Our Subspecialty Areas:

  • Abdominal Imaging
  • Breast & Woman's Imaging
  • Cardiothoracic Imaging
  • Musculoskeletal Imaging
  • Neurology & Otolaryngology (ENT) Imaging
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Paediatric Imaging
  • Ultrasonography
  • Vascular & Interventional Imaging

Why Choose Diagnostic Radiology?

Depth and Breadth of Clinical Experience
Through clinical rotations in all hospitals of Singapore’s largest healthcare system, Residents will experience a high volume / variety of imaging procedures and disease spectrum. As our imaging service encompasses community medical facilities to tertiary medical institutions, Residents will also gain invaluable appreciation of system-based practice.

Academic Practice
All our training departments are part of the SingHealth Duke-NUS Radiological Sciences Academic Clinical Programme (RADSC ACP), where there is proud heritage to advance medical imaging through academia. Our Residency programme is committed to providing opportunities for our future radiologists to be involved in cutting edge cross disciplinary research, interprofessional education or even academic leadership.

Committed Faculty Members
There is a strong culture of education within the RADSC ACP. The core Faculty team comprises a passionate group of radiologists with special interest in making higher learning more effective, enjoyable and transformative. It is also easy to find mentors within radiologist Faculty members who are internal experts and most willing to provide guidance at any opportunity.

Holistic Curriculum
Our curriculum comprises two major domains:

  • Work-based learning through authentic clinical tasks with varying degrees of supervision
  • Structured learning through blended learning resources including lectures, tutorials, simulation exercises and e-learning modules

To prepare our Residents for a practice in the constantly changing world, recent curriculum reviews have added emphasis on non-interpretive skills such as quality improvement, medical informatics, data science and medical leadership.

Your Career Prospects & Development

Upon completion of the programme, Residents will be accredited with the Specialists Accreditation Board, and may apply for the position of Associate Consultant to continue advancing training in their subspecialty of choice. There will also be many opportunities to pursue further professional growth in radiology administration, research or education within our ACP.