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Singapore Integrated Programme (SGIP) for Paediatric Surgery

About the Programme

Paediatric Surgery is the field of medicine that encompasses a broad range of surgical diseases and congenital malformations, both operative and non-operative, from the foetal period until the late teenage years.

Paediatric Surgeons in SingHealth manage general surgical conditions, non-cardiac thoracic conditions, genito-urinary and gynaecological disorders in babies, children and adolescence. The trend towards super-subspecialisation to areas of special interest (i.e. Oncological Surgery, Urological Surgery and Hepatobiliary Surgery) has allowed institution-based consultants to develop area of special interest while preserving routine general work, with elective and emergency exposure.

Why Choose Paediatric Surgery?

The SingHealth Paediatric Surgery Residency Programe is a comprehensive and well-rounded programme that aims to develop surgeons who utilise teaching, research and clincal skills to improve patient care. 

We welcome anyone who loves children as much as surgery to join our family!