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Family Medicine Residency Programme

About the Programme

Family Medicine is a discipline that provides comprehensive healthcare to people of all ages. The SingHealth Residency Family Medicine Programme is a three-year programme that aims to train competent family physicians.

As the largest healthcare cluster in Singapore, SingHealth offers unparalleled learning opportunities and is an excellent place to begin your journey in Family Medicine. Our network of nine polyclinics and rotations through major hospitals ensure the depth and breadth of your training.

The Family Medicine Residency Programme provides a good foundation for those who wish to work in a non-ambulatory setting as well as those who plan to pursue specialty or subspecialty training in geriatric medicine, palliative medicine, and sports medicine.  

If you are committed to patient-centred care, enjoy interacting with patients and colleagues, value teamwork and is an enthusiastic learner with maturity, honesty and humility, be part of the SingHealth Family Medicine Residency Programme today.

Why Choose Family Medicine?

Go Beyond Patient-centred Care

You will provide personal, primary, comprehensive and continuing care for individuals and their families, within the context of the community. By offering a full range of acute, chronic and preventive services to your patients, you do not just treat illness but contribute to their wellbeing and quality of life. Unlike acute hospital medicine, Family Medicine offers the opportunity for you to build long-term relationships with patients and often, their families too.

Transforming Singapore’s Healthcare
The Ministry of Health (MOH) Primary Care Master Plan has outlined exciting new service models of Family Medicine Centres, Medical Centres, and private GP clinics supported by Community Health Centres. When you join SingHealth as a Family Medicine Resident, you will be part of a team that is realising the vision of one Family Physician for every Singaporean.

Breadth of Medical Practice

Patients come to you with a diverse range of diseases and conditions, so you will never be bored as a Family Physician. On the other hand, you may also choose to specialise in a particular area of interest. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the variety of healthcare settings for your practice, from community polyclinics, intermediate and long term care institutions to acute hospitals.

Dedicated Faculty and Comprehensive Training

Our experienced faculty members have a strong track record in undergraduate and postgraduate Family Medicine training and examinations. Every Resident will also be assigned a mentor from the first year. 

Stimulating and interactive case-based learning workshops and frequent immediate feedback from your mentors will prepare you well for your career in Family Medicine.

Your Career Prospects & Development

Upon completion of the Programme, Residents will have opportunities for advancements as you move through the ranks, from Family Physician to Family Physician, Associate Consultant to Family Physician, Consultant and Family Physician, Senior Consultant.

You can also choose to practise in a variety of settings, such as polyclinics, Family Medicine Centres, home-based care, community hospitals and acute hospitals.

Those interested in further training have the option to pursue graduate diplomas in Family Practice, Geriatric Medicine, Dermatology, Mental Health and Palliative Medicine. They can also pursue Fellowship in Family Medicine, and subspecialty training in Palliative Medicine and Sports Medicine.