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Dr Pavanish KUMAR


Senior Biostatistician, SingHealth Translational Immunology & Inflammation Centre, Translational Immunology Institute, SingHealth


• Speaker, Immunology, Paediatrics and Medicine Symposium, 17 Sep 2021


Dr Pavanish Kumar is Senior Biostatistician at the SingHealth Translation Immunology Institute. He obtained his PhD in Immunology. Post PhD, he has been involved in development of diagnostics, novel biomarker and therapeutic target discovery in immune related disease.

He has extensive experience in experimental science as well as in AI and machine learning. He has developed the systems immunology framework to analyse high dimensional mass cytometry data.

Currently, he is developing the methods and approaches for integrated analysis of high dimensional omics scale data from various sources to investigate the pathologies associated with immune mediated diseases such as arthritis, epilepsy and cancer. He has published in several high impact journals.