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It’s very exciting to have this many notable speakers and experts available in relatively small settings so you can ask them questions and engage them. It really is terrific. I’ve been impressed by the number of different kinds of topic and areas of exploration, and the level of expertise represented here.                 








Prof Lesley Curtis  
Interim Executive Director, Duke Clinical Research Institute, Duke University Medical Centre


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Immunology , Paediatrics and Medicine Symposium
Translational Immunology in Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases (cont.)

 Track type: Symposium

Date: 17 Sep 2021


 Time: 1720 - 1805

Location: Seminar Room 3

The symposium will present on the use of different high through-put technologies applied systematically to solve unmet medical needs in infectious and inflammatory diseases. With the push to make these high dimensional data available online, the speaker will explore customised set of bio-informatics tools to catalyse the discovery process in Translational Immunology for other researchers.    




High Dimensionality Approaches in Translational Immunology


Speaker: Prof Salvatore Albani


Extended Poly-dimensional Immunome Characterisation (EPIC) – A Platform for Translational Immunology and Discovery

Speaker: Asst Prof Yeo Joo Guan


Immunome Perturbation is Present in Patients with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis who are in Remission and will Relapse upon Anti-TNFa Withdrawal

Speaker:  Dr Leong Jingyao


Immunome Perturbation in Prematurity and Chorioamnionitis 

Elucidating the Immune Architecture of Paediatric Refractory Epilepsy

Speaker: Dr Pavanish Kumar


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