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Assoc Prof LIAO Ping


Clinician Scientist and Assistant Director, Translational Research, National Neuroscience Institute (NNI)


• Speaker, Neuroscience and Behavioral Disorders Symposium, 17 Sep 2021


Assoc Prof Liao Ping is an Assistant Director of Basic and Translational Research at NNI. He is also a full-time clinician scientist at NNI, leading the Calcium Signalling laboratory. The focus of his lab is ion channels and brain diseases. Blood-brain barrier (BBB) disruption is common in many cerebral diseases such as head injury, stroke and neuro-inflammation. Damage to BBB causes cerebral oedema or even haemorrhage.


During the past decade, his lab has been working on ion channels in vasculature for BBB protection and cerebral perfusion improvement following injuries. An antibody against ion channel TRPM4 has been produced in his lab and patented for the management of stroke.

In addition to research, Assoc Prof Liao also teaches neuroscience and human physiology in Duke-NUS Medical School Singapore and Singapore Institute of Technology.