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Dr LEONG Jingyao


Research Fellow, SingHealth Translational Immunology and Inflammation Centre, SingHealth


• Speaker, Immunology, Paediatrics and Medicine Symposium, 17 Sep 2021

Dr Leong Jing Yao is a research fellow at the Translational Immunology Institute, SingHealth. He is a T-cell immunologist in the field of paediatric arthritic autoimmunity and human fetal development. He has utilised high dimensional platforms such as Cytometry time of flight (CyToF) and next generation RNA-sequencing to dissect immunological heterogeneity and pathology.

He was awarded the Khoo Post-doctoral fellowship award (KPFA 2015) for the investigation of fetal T-cells to facilitate in-utero stem cell therapy, Kourir Silver award (2017) and 10th KKH Scientific meeting presentation award for work on TNF biligies in juvenile idiopathic arthritis.