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It’s very rare to get an opportunity to be interacting with other researchers who are interested in a completely different research area, compared to the same people you always meet when you go to an immunotherapy/oncology conference. It’s really a great opportunity to get the latest and greatest about the science, but also to interact with colleagues that normally you wouldn’t have a chance to meet with.                 








Prof Ramy Ibrahim  
Vice President, Clinical Development, Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy


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Immunology , Paediatrics and Medicine Symposium
Translational Immunology in Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases (Part 1)

 Track type: Symposium

Date: 17 Sep 2021


 Time: 1400 - 1530

Location: Seminar Room 4

The symposium will present on the use of different high through-put technologies applied systematically to solve unmet medical needs in infectious and inflammatory diseases. With the push to make these high dimensional data available online, the speaker will explore customised set of bio-informatics tools to catalyse the discovery process in Translational Immunology for other researchers.    


Overview of HBV-TCR T Cell Immunotherapy for HBV-HCC


SpeakerProf Antonio Bertoletti



Immunotherapy of HCC With Short Lived mRNA HBV-TCR T  Cells Induces Immunological Alterations Associated With Long-Term Treatment Response


HBV-specific TCR-T Cell Therapy Hepatocellular Carcinoma  


Speaker: Dr Tina Wang Tingting







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