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Dr Tina WANG Tingting

Chief Operating Officer, Lion TCR, Singapore

• Speaker, Immunology, Paediatrics and Medicine Symposium, 17 Sep 2021


Dr Tina Wang is Chief Operating Officer at Lion TCR, a clinical stage biotech company focusing on treating virus-associated disease with engineered TCR T cells. Dr Wang led a distinguished career in oncology spanning over 20 years, demonstrating her strong leadership in clinical practice, translational medical research and the biopharmaceutical industry. She has an extensive background in immunotherapeutic drug and assay development as well as commercialisation of oncological products.

Dr Wang successfully led the global clinical development of CD30. CAR-T cells therapy for lymphoma patients at Tessa Therapeutics. At Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific, she led the Asia Pacific medical team for the successful pre-launch and launch of VENTANA PD-L1 assays.

At the Cancer Science Institute Singapore, Dr Wang published 20 original papers in peer reviewed journals, identifying biomarkers for solid tumours across gastric, colon and breast cancers.