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There's a lot of a difficult transitions in moving from a health system to an academic health system. There's issues that come up around education, delivery of care, time for teaching and research, integrating the research results you get into practice. Those are important difficult discussions, and you got to have a venue to have them and this Conference allows people to come together and talk about them!                 








Dr Paul Klotman  
President and CEO, Executive Dean, Office of the President, Baylor College Medicine


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Institute for Patient Safety and Quality Symposium
How Can Leading Healthcare Organisations Measure, Analyse and Improve Patient Safety and Quality Culture?

 Track type: Symposium

Date: 17 Sep 2021


 Time: 1400 - 1530

Location: Seminar Room 3

A strong patient safety and quality culture requires a virtuous supportive patient safety and quality ecosystem. We believe that it is necessary when building this ecosystem, to promote the various contributing constituent cultures, including Safety Culture, Speak Up Culture, Reporting Culture and Resilience Culture. In building this virtuous patient safety and quality ecosystem, the key for leading healthcare organisations is to be adept at measuring and analysing data on patient safety and supporting cultures.                                 

The programme studies their efforts in promoting best practices, enhancing patient safety culture and engagement, increase reporting and speak-up culture and strengthening resilience culture. Speakers will illustrate on how they could measure, analyse and improve patient safety and quality constituent cultures. There are many patient safety and quality initiatives which are driven by data analysis and performance indicators. Speakers will also share examples and  initiatives on how these are being measured.



Measuring and Promoting Best Practice Cultures in a Virtuous Patient Safety and Quality Ecosystem  

Speaker: Prof Tan Kok Hian


Measuring and Enhancing Patient Safety Culture and Engagement


Speaker: Asst Prof Chang Shang Ming Alvin



Measuring and Increasing Reporting and Speak Up Culture


Speaker: Ms Pang Nguk Lan



Measuring and Strengthening Resilience Culture


Speaker: Prof Tan Hak Koon                       


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