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It’s been very interesting. A few things that really stand out for me – it’s so multidisciplinary. It’s not usual that you get such multidisciplinary interaction from allied health, researchers and clinicians coming together. So for me, that’s the thing that’s really interesting is the meetings - its taking basic science and talking about how do we make that work in the real world. And that’s for me, what makes it an exciting meeting for me to be at.                 








Prof Timothy Skinner  
Professor, Department of Health Psychology, University of Copenhagen


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      Anaesthesiology Symposium
   Onco Anaesthesia: Patient-centred Perioperative Care         

   to Improve Outcomes for the Cancer Patient

 Track type: Symposium

Date: 18 Sep 2021


 Time: 1340 - 1510

Location: Virtual

Cancer is overtaking heart disease as the number one cause of death in the world.  Surgery remains one of the mainstays of treatment and the perioperative care of these patients both impact short term and long term outcomes including recurrence rates.

The anaesthesiologist’s role in the care of the oncologic patient includes facilitating diagnostic procedures, improving perioperative outcomes, critical care management, acute and chronic pain control. Onco anaesthesia is gaining traction as a subspecialty within anaesthesia with the aim of providing a comprehensive care model for patients with cancer. 

New insights on anaesthesia techniques and its impact on recurrence and outcomes, intensive care management, pain and palliative care will be presented.   


How does Anaesthesia Impact the Cancer Patient


SpeakerProf Vijaya N.R. Gottumukkala



Care of the Critically Ill Surgical Oncology Patient 


Speaker: Dr Lie Sui An



Perioperative Pain Management of the Surgical Oncology Patient



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