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Why Partner SIMS? 

SIMS collaborates with healthcare and simulation partners in Singapore and around the world to develop and organise multidisciplinary and interprofessional simulation-based training for healthcare professionals and learners.

With our wide range of simulation expertise and resources, these collaborations enable healthcare professionals to share best practices. Sharing these practices refines training methodologies to address evolving healthcare challenges and raise industry standards.

  • Expertise in Medical Simulation Training

    In 2009, SingHealth established itself as one of the first medical simulation training grounds in Asia. With a rich legacy in clinical education and medical simulation training, SIMS draws upon a synergy of the experience, curriculum, and resources embedded across the hospitals, institutes, and departments in SingHealth.

  • Experiential Learning to Sharpen Clinical Skills

    SIMS aims to provide healthcare professionals with simulation-based training experiences that will open minds to new possibilities while broadening and deepening their understanding of medical procedures. The institute combines medical and surgical simulation with clinical education and research to raise levels of healthcare standards and to improve patient safety. 

  • Realistic and Safe Training Environment

    SIMS is one of the largest medical simulation centres in Singapore, and boasts a comprehensive range of simulation modalities and training programmes. The institute is committed to delivering quality simulation training by providing a safe and supervised training ground for healthcare professionals and students to sharpen their clinical skills toward mastery.
  • Cutting-edge Facilities

    SIMS is equipped with state-of-the-art medical simulation facilities that create immersive and engaging learning experiences for healthcare professionals and students. These include training facilities at the Singapore General Hospital Campus, Changi General Hospital, KK Women's and Children's Hospital, Duke-NUS Medical School, and the upcoming Sengkang Health. 

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