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The Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialists® (CHSOS®) and Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator® (CHSE®) are developed as a service to the healthcare simulation community by the Societ of Simulation in Healthcare (SSH).

The CHSOS® and CHSE® certifications are intended for individuals who perform healthcare simulation in operations specialist and educator role without restriction to:

  • simulation modality
  • setting (locations where simulation takes place)
  • geographic location
  • learner population
  • function (e.g. IT, AV, moulage)
  • profession

The SSH Dictionary defines an Operation Specialist as follows:

  • An individual whose primary role is the implementation and delivery of a simulation activity through the application of simulation technologies such as computers, audio-visual, or networking technologies.
  • An inclusive "umbrella" term that embodies many different roles within healthcare simulation operatiosn, including simulation technician, simulation technology specialist, simulation specialist, simulation coordinator, and simulation AV specialist. While many of these individuals also design simulation activities, this term refers to the functional roler related to the implementation of the simulation activities.

The SSH Dictionary defines an Educator as follows:

  • Person who uses the modality of simulation to educate learners, utilising evidence-based strategies.
  • Person who supports healthcare professionals who are learning to manage clinical situations and provide care that is safe, effective, efficient, timely, patient-centered, and equitable. May teach an individual learner or a group of learners practising to work as a team.

The following individuals are certified as CHSOS® and CHSE® by SSH as of 1 September 2022. For more information, please visit

S/N ​Salutation ​Name ​Category
​1​Dr​Chaoyan Dong​Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator
​2​Dr​Huizhen Ye​Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator
​3​Dr​Hwee Yuan TanCertified Healthcare Simulation Educator
​4​Dr​Jason Ju In ChanCertified Healthcare Simulation Educator
​5​Dr​John Song En LeeCertified Healthcare Simulation Educator
​6​Dr​Jonathan ChengCertified Healthcare Simulation Educator
​7​Ms​Kirsty J FreemanCertified Healthcare Simulation Educator
​8​Dr​Li Hoon TanCertified Healthcare Simulation Educator
​9​Dr​Loong-Tat WongCertified Healthcare Simulation Educator
10​​Ms​Madhavi SuppiahCertified Healthcare Simulation Educator
​11​Dr​May Un Sam MokCertified Healthcare Simulation Educator
​12​Dr​Sabrina Koh

Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator - Advanced

Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist

​13​Dr​Shin Yuet Chong​Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator
​14​Ms​Xin Yi Too​Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist