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Team Leadership Competency

Team leadership is essential to a cohesive and integrated healthcare system. SingHealth seeks to equip middle management with the skills and knowledge they need to build committed teams, and deliver high quality service and results. 

The Team Leadership Competency draws from the Core Theory of Success1 Model, which guides healthcare professionals in how to build positive relationships within a team. Staff will learn how to facilitate open and honest communication among team members, as a way to improve the quality of collective thinking and decision-making, and consequently, enhance the results delivered by the team. Achieving positive team results further strengthens trust and understanding in the team, which improves the quality of relationships amongst team members, forming a sustainable virtuous cycle. 

CHeAL offers the following programmes to develop the Team Leadership Competency: 

The Core Theory of Success model was developed by Dr Daniel H Kim, an Organisational Learning consultant based in the US.