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Generic Competencies

SingHealth has identified a set of core competencies that will help all healthcare staff carry out their work with confidence, efficiency and professionalism. Various training courses matched to these individual competencies are offered by CHeAL: 
  • Adaptability

    Attuning one’s own behaviour to work efficiently and effectively in light of new information, changing situations and/or different environments 

  • Communication Skills

    Expressing oneself clearly and coherently in both oral and written communications
  • Interpersonal Skills

    Demonstrating mastery of interpersonal interactions (being attuned to how others feel in the moment, sensing the shared values of the group, and using that insight to elicit the appropriate response) 

  • Personal Effectiveness

    Displaying and promoting high standards of personal conduct and the commitment to develop self-awareness and improvement 

  • Problem Solving

    Making decisions and solving problems across different levels of complexity, ambiguity and risk 

  • Collaboration

    Demonstrating collaboration with internal and/or external parties, contributing strength and accomplishing objectives through positive working relationships 

Click here to find out more about the various training courses available.