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About Us

The College of Healthcare Administration and Leadership (CHeAL) was established to equip all levels of healthcare staff in SingHealth with effective administrative and leadership skills to drive the organisation's operations and strategic vision.

To support its goal of building a pool of highly competent, future-ready administrators and leaders, CHeAL drives the SingHealth Competency Framework for Leadership and Healthcare Administration. The framework encompasses: 

  • Generic Competencies (spanning the key development areas for all administrative and ancillary staff),
  • Domain Competencies (detailing the developmental areas for administrators who focus on specific organisational functions), and 
  • Leadership Competencies (covering the range of knowledge, skills and aptitudes needed by leaders across all professions)

Based on this framework, CHeAL offers a variety of programmes to help staff develop their respective competencies. The programmes are also designed to bring together staff from various professional groups and SingHealth institutions, with the aim of promoting interprofessional, team-based collaboration. 

CHeAL's vision is to build a community of leaders and administrators whose enhanced competencies will enable them to confidently carry out their roles in support of SingHealth's vision of Defining Tomorrow's Medicine