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Ms Marianne AU Kit Har


Director, Group Finance, SingHealth;

Chief Financial Officer, SingHealth Community Hospitals (SCH)

• Speaker, SingHealth Community Hospitals, 17 Sep 2021


Ms Marianne Au joined SingHealth in 2008 and is a member of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants. Ms Au heads the Finance department in SCH, which manages the 317-bedded Bright Vision Hospital, 400-bedded Sengkang Community Hospital and 448-bedded Outram Community Hospital. Ms Au is part of the Strategic Finance team under the SingHealth Office of Regional Health and she also oversees the SingHealth Group Finance team. Her areas of interest include healthcare finance and population health polices and funding frameworks

The SCH Finance also hosts the Population Health Finance Policy and Group Finance Analytics teams.  These teams support the financial aspect of the bundled care and population health initiatives as well as the data analytics aspect for value driven care initiatives at SingHealth.  In Singapore, the community hospitals provide mainly rehabilitative and sub-acute care to patients transferred from acute hospitals.  This allows patients with stabilised medical conditions, to receive rehabilitative and sub-acute care in a more conducive well-paced environment.