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We absolutely need to learn and share from each other, not just within our own countries but across countries and internationally. I’ve been talking to some of the allied health leaders in terms of how we can continue to collaborate virtually using technology, and I’m really hopeful over the next year that we can do that.                 








Dr Joanne Fillingham  
Clinical Director of Allied Health Professions, Nursing Directorate NHS Improvement


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 Nursing Plenary
Nurse Perspective on Engaging Innovation and Compassion

 Track type: Plenary

Date: 18 Sep 2021


 Time: 1115 - 1200

Location: Seminar Room 1


Nurses are instrumental to advancing the quality of patient care through innovation. Innovation is not just about radical ground-breaking ideas, but about making seemingly small improvements that will significantly impact the delivery of care effectively. With their observations at the bedside, knowledge of best practices, and driven by compassion, every nurse can innovate.

This session will provide an understand on how nurses can scale the heights of the profession with innovation to deliver safer, more effective and compassion care.



Nurse Perspective on Engaging Innovation and Compassion  


Developing a Future Ready Nursing Workforce


Speaker: Mrs Tamsin Greulich-Smith



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