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This is a rare opportunity, where in the same room, you might have busy clinicians and academic leaders. You actually start to understand how this all works together - and that's where you get the excitement, where there's understanding that bringing academic medicine to a busy clinical setting ultimately really distinguishes the healthcare delivery.                 








Prof Mary Klotman  
Dean, Duke University School of Medicine, USA


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Neuroscience and Behavioral Disorders Symposium
Movement Disorders Symposium: Recent Advancements in Basic and Clinical Understanding

 Track type: Symposium

Date: 17 Sep 2021


 Time: 1540 - 1710

Location: Seminar Room 2

Movement Disorders make up a diverse group of diseases. The most common movement disorder is Parkinson’s Disease, which is a neurodegenerative disease affecting the dopaminergic pathways. There have been new advancements in diagnosing Parkinson’s Disease via advanced imaging techniques as well as in treating Parkinson’s Disease with neurotransplantation.

There has also been further understanding about conditions that mimic Parkinson’s Disease which are caused by other neurodegenerative diseases. The symposium will also discuss the clinical approach to paroxysmal dyskinesias, another common movement disorder.



         TOPIC 1:

The Role of NOTCH2NLC Repeat Expansions in Neurological Disorders


Clinical Approach to Paroxysmal Dyskinesias


Speaker: Prof Louis Tan Chew Seng



Imaging in Parkinsonism


Speaker: Assoc Prof Chan Ling Ling



Neurotransplantation in Movement Disorders

Speaker: Prof Zhang Suchun          


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