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It’s very rare to get an opportunity to be interacting with other researchers who are interested in a completely different research area, compared to the same people you always meet when you go to an immunotherapy/oncology conference. It’s really a great opportunity to get the latest and greatest about the science, but also to interact with colleagues that normally you wouldn’t have a chance to meet with.                 








Prof Ramy Ibrahim  
Vice President, Clinical Development, Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy


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Global Health Plenary
Students in Global Health

 Track type: Plenary

Date: 17 Sep 2021


 Time: 1720 - 1805

Location: Seminar Room 1

The third and last session of the Global Health Symposium will showcase global health projects undertaken by students under the guidance of SDGHI faculty. The students will share their project findings as well as the challenges they faced in conducting global health research both in person and virtually due to travel restrictions and lockdown measures in the region. 


Improvement in Quality of Life among Sri Lankan Patients with Haemorrhoids after Invasive Treatment: A Longitudinal Observational Study


Improvement in Quality of Life with Treatment of Chronic Venous Disease in Sri Lanka


Speaker: Dr Low Zhen Luan



Battling Against the Great Disruption to Surgical Care in a Pandemic: Insights from Eleven South and Southeast Asian Countries


Speaker: Ms Huang Wenya, Naomi



A Scooping Review to Describe Primary Care Interventions and Associated Tools in Low-resource Settings in Asia


Speaker: Dr Lim Xin Ya


Developing Effective Pandemic Prevention and Response: Good Practices and Lessons on COVID-19 Pandemic Control from Asia


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