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Programme Development

SIMS provides expertise in the planning and development of customised healthcare simulation training programmes for various healthcare professions and disciplines. These cover curriculum and scenario design, assessment design and tools, as well as debriefing workshops, among others.

Curriculum Design 

In designing curriculum for healthcare simulation training, there are six main steps:

  1. Identify the problem.
  2. Assess training needs of learners.
  3. Decide on attainable goals and objectives.
  4. Come up with education strategies and methods.
  5. Implement the simulation training programme.
  6. Conduct evaluation and debriefing sessions.

Scenario Design

Scenario design is similar to curriculum design in that the six steps listed above should be considered. However, in scenario design, there is a need to delve deeper into logistics, which can include the storyline of the scenario, types of manikin used, programme rundown, and other pedagogical choices such as the use of time compression time dilation, severity modulation, and debriefing techniques. 

Assessment Design and Tools

Many assessment designs and tools can be employed to evaluate the effectiveness of a healthcare simulation training programme. These include communication tools such as the Calgary-Cambridge Guide to Medical Interviews, clinical skills and performance assessment tools for the individual and medical team, and the SATLAB system for a comprehensive assessment of participants from the start of a training programme. 

Debriefing Workshops

Debriefing is an essential part of the entire healthcare simulation training programme. It helps learners understand the necessary areas of improvement, gain a deeper understanding of the entire scenario, and better appreciate the various roles played. SIMS conducts workshops specifically for trainers to learn more about debriefing techniques. Overseas faculty, such as Dr Gabriel Reedy from the UK, are also invited to share their knowledge and experience.

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