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Simulation Programmes at CGH

SIMS @ CGH partners with various departments to organise a varied range of simulation programmes catered to different training needs. 

Simulation Programmes: 

  1. AHP New Hire Competency Program
  2. Airway Management for Medical Students
  3. Airway Workshop for MOs
  4. Anaesthesia Crisis Training in OR Novices (ACTION)
  5. APN Intern Mock Exam
  6. Basic Airway Management for Residents
  7. Intermediate Airway Management for Residents
  8. Basic Clinical Assessment and Management of Patients
  9. Bronchoscopy session
  10. BCLS and AED course
  11. Care of the Critically Ill Surgical Patient (CCRISP)
  12. Critical Care Course
  13. Crisis Resource Management Training for Senior Staff
  14. ED Insitu Team Based Training
  15. Flexible Intubation Video Endoscope (FIVE) Training
  16. FOCUS Ultrasound course
  17. FRCA Pre Course
  18. Kingfisher FMT Training
  19. Level 1 Simulation (Anaesthesia R1)
  20. MMED Prep Course
  21. Multidisciplinary Resus for MICU
  22. Paediatric Resuscitation Training
  23. RCCM MBBS Prep Course
  24. Rehab ICU Competency
  25. Renal Simulation Course
  26. Respiratories Emergencies
  27. Scenario Development
  28. SHARP R1 Orientation OSCE test
  29. SICU Simulation Training
  30. Simbionix GI training (Gastro)
  31. Simulation for Lee Kong Chien Medical Students
  32. Simulation Training Workshop for Sr RN
  33. Ultrasound Thoracentesis and Chest Tube Insertion
  34. Ultrasound Guided Central Venous Catheterization Course
  35. Point of Care Thoracic Ultrasonography Course (Senior Residents)

For more information on the courses, please contact