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Simulation Programmes at KKH

KK Women's and Children's Hospital offers the following simulation-based training programmes:

  1. Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS)
  2. CE Mock Code
  3. CICU HOs/MOs Practical Session
  4. Communication Course for Junior Doctors
  5. CORE (Combined Obstetrics and Resuscitation Emergency)
  6. Multi-insitu Simulation for Trauma - Paediatric
  7. Singapore Neonatal Resuscitation Training
  8. Simulation Training for New Nurses
  9. Paediatric Fundamental Critical Care Support Course
    - For queries on this course, please click here.
  10. Paediatric Sedation Advanced Life Support Course
  11. Paediatrics Critical Care Nursing: Crisis Management Simulation Programme
  12. Paediatrics Anaesthesia Resident Simulation Programme
  13. Paediatrics Surgical Simulation Training
  14. Paediatric Sedation Simulation Training for DDII Staff

For more information on the courses, please click here