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Associate Professor Lim Swee Hia

Senior Director,

Alice Lee Institute of Advanced Nursing, Singapore General Hospital​

The world constantly faces rapid changes in technology and business especially in the healthcare industry. The Singapore workforce in the healthcare industry needs to continuously upgrade to acquire new skills and knowledge to meet these changes which can be challenging, exciting and at the same time overwhelming and daunting for some.

At SGH, Alice Lee Institute of Advanced Nursing (IAN) strives to help you in your learning journey as adult learners. We can help you to succeed and achieve the new skills and knowledge required to meet the ever increasing healthcare demands for excellent patient care and nursing service. Our courses are tailored and designed to enhance and enrich your work and general interests as well as acquire additional knowledge and skills to help you grow professionally and personally. With knowledge comes power and understanding to deliver excellent patient care and nursing service, making your career and life a more meaningful and challenging journey.

In the web pages, you will find a wealth of interesting and exciting information. Surf them now to find your preferred courses in patient care and nursing service. We believe that you will find something that will suit your needs to discover and unleash your potential, at both personal or professional levels.

I wish you a great time surfing through our website. May your learning journey be an exciting, enriching and enlightening one as a healthcare professional.