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Alice Lee Institute of Advanced Nursing (Alice Lee IAN) was established in February 1997. It was the first Institute of Advanced Nursing to be established in a hospital in Singapore. Alice Lee IAN has long carved a reputation for being the leading provider of nursing education for local nurses and beyond. Through collaborative efforts with SingHealth institutions and specialised education centres, Alice Lee IAN works to galvanise the resources, expertise and infrastructure required to support the pursuit of academic and clinical skills training excellence.

The Institute of Advanced Nursing (IAN) Logo

The book symbolises knowledge; the lamp with its flame is synonymous with an eternal bright light; and the Bowyer Block clock tower represents the Hospital’s tradition of caring and excellence. The Latin motto, “Scientiae Curantis Lux Exardscens Eterna” means “The Eternal Burning Light of Caring Knowledge”.


To be a leading centre of excellence for advanced nursing education.


  • To provide continuing nursing education geared towards meeting the professional needs of nurse and healthcare needs of the society.
  • To provide advanced nursing education and lifelong learning of the highest professional standard.

Alice Lee IAN provides a comprehensive range of education programmes & nursing clinical attachments:
  • Nursing Courses
  • Life Support Courses
  • Patient Care (Ancillary) & EMT Courses
  • Nursing Clinical Attachments

Expertise in nursing practice
Close links with SingHealth’s hospitals and specialty centres allow learners to leverage on the various institutions’ extensive experience in nursing practice. This serves as an excellent foundation for professional consultation and exchange.

Practice-based training under experienced nursing specialists
Conducted by a core group of veteran nursing specialists, programmes focus on clinical practice that equips learners with hands-on training experience.

A wide range of nursing specialisations
Evolving in tandem with developments in medical specialties and subspecialties, training programmes are designed to ensure both breadth and depth for nursing professionals.