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Scholarship Services and Support

Helping to Get Research Published

The Academic Resources and Research team works with subject matter experts and health professions education researchers across the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre to prepare the latest research and findings for publication.​

​​​Scholarship Services Support.png​​ ​ ​Author Services (Scholarly Communication)
Note: Due to conflict of interest, the team cannot work on manuscripts intended for submission to Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare
  • ​​Consultancy on preparation of abstracts, posters, oral presentations, and journal manuscripts (e.g. language, formatting, standards and conventions, ethics, intellectual property rights)
    Note: For advice on conceptualisation and design of education research projects, please consult AM.EI
Health Professions Education Research Support
  • Literature review
  • Data collection and analysis (e.g. statistics, evidence-based evaluations)
Information and Resources (including eLibrary)
For SingHealth staff only

To engage Author Services for the preparation of journal manuscripts, please download the request form here, complete it, and return it to



  1. What can you do to help get my research/manuscript published?
    We can assist with research support services, as well as provide advice and guidance on how to improve your abstract, poster, or manuscript. Kindly note that as of 1 June 2018, we no longer offer editorial services for manuscripts.

  2. What kinds of projects do you work on?
    Priority is given to projects on health professions education research topics, although we also work across a variety of clinical research topics. Most of our work is intended for submission to external journals or conferences.

  3. Can you review a manuscript and provide feedback on the study?
    We recommend approaching a subject matter expert to do this before submitting a request to us. For health professions education research topics, you can request consultancy services from AM.EI

  4. Are you able to help with figures and images?
    We may be able to provide advice (e.g. check if figures and images are in the correct format or resolution, or whether there may be copyright issues associated with their use), but the Academic Resources and Research team does not normally create images for publication. Another team at the Office of SingHealth Academy may be able to help you with illustration services; please click here.

  5. Can you help write brochures, educational material for study participants, research protocols, study documentation, etc.?
    At this time, we are focusing our resources on abstracts, posters, and manuscripts intended for submission to journals or conferences.

  6. What are the charges for your services?
    Until further notice, our Content Partners in SingHealth can enjoy a waiver of charges on author services and health professions education research support. Full charges are applicable for all services rendered to external parties (non-SingHealth institutions).

  7. How much time do you need to work on my project?
    We can respond relatively quickly to simple and specific queries. If more work is required, a project could span weeks or months (depending on such factors as the initial state of work, how quickly Content Partners respond to our queries, the number of projects in queue, etc.). Let us know if you have a deadline, upon submission of a service request.

  8. Do I need to include you as an author?
    We would appreciate our individual team members being identified as authors if they have met the criteria for authorship as recommended by the International Committee for Medical Journal Editors. Otherwise, a mention in the Acknowledgements is sufficient.

  9. Who owns the copyright to my published research article?
    According to the SingHealth Intellectual Property Policy, except for certain circumstances, the copyright of manuscripts prepared by SingHealth staff belongs to the authors. Many journals require authors to transfer copyright ownership to the publisher upon acceptance for publication. For more specific information, please refer to the guidelines and policies of the journal to which you are submitting your manuscript. 
  10. How do I engage your author services?
    Our Content Partners in SingHealth can download the request form here, complete it, and return it to We will assess whether we can take up the project, and contact you for follow-up.