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Integrated Infrastructure and Technology

Three floors of Academia are dedicated to education and training facilities, with integrated infrastructure and technology to facilitate the grooming of expertise, and in turn, the advancement of medical knowledge.

Intelligent Touch-Screen Control

All the Conference and Seminar Rooms in Academia are equipped with: 

  • Intelligent touch-screen controllers for easy control of projection systems
  • Cameras for recording, live streaming and video conferencing
  • Digital signage linked to a room management system for ease of display

With its fibre optic infrastructure, the audio-visual system in the various conference and seminar rooms can be easily configured to meet the unique requirements of each conference/event. SingHealth Academy also has a highly experienced team of audio-visual support staff to provide on-site assistance for conferences and events held at Academia. 

Live Streaming

Designed to promote learning and sharing, Academia’s IP audio and video system allows for live streaming within the building, to other SingHealth hospitals and institutions, and beyond local shores. Live streaming provides a means for highly engaged learning in real-time as healthcare professionals can reach out to a wider range of learners to share knowledge and exchange ideas and in turn advance their skill levels. 

All training rooms and operating theatres (OTs) are also equipped with video recording and video conferencing functions, enabling healthcare professionals to review and learn from their performance. For example, surgeons can watch and learn from experts in action during live operations.

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An excellent medium to enable audio-visual and interactive learning, recording provides easy access for self-paced learning anytime, anywhere. Two modes of recording are available at Academia:

  • High-resolution (1080p) recordings for research and education use
  • eLecture recordings (See eLectures for more information)

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iDisplay Interactive Panel

The iDisplay Interactive Panel brings the latest news and events to healthcare professionals on one unified platform, through compelling visuals, interactive media and video-streaming. Features of the iDisplay Interactive Panel include:

  • A mobile floor-standing interactive touchscreen kiosk (47" LED, portrait orientation)
  • Support for static and multimedia content
  • Dynamic wayfinding support (interactive maps and directions)
  • Daily publicity for events held by SingHealth and its institutions

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