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Scholarly Communication

Building Scholarly Communication Competencies

Academic reputations are built on the quality of work that researchers and authors publish, and on their engagement in academic discourse. Whether it is writing, reviewing or getting a clearer idea of what standards and conventions exist in Academia, SingHealth Academy is able to provide opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge needed to excel in scholarly communication.

Upcoming courses include:

For more information on upcoming courses, please refer to the Programme Listing.
Alternatively, please contact for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kind of training and development can you offer?
    Our expertise span a variety of scholarly communication topics, ranging from manuscript preparation to being a peer reviewer (we can also cover more abstract topics such as ethics and copyright-related issues). Many of our sessions are short (about a couple of hours), modular and accessible, but we also offer more intensive programmes of longer durations.

  2. Can you provide training for non-SingHealth staff and/or organisations?
    To make the most of our limited resources, we focus on providing training to SingHealth staff. However, we are open to exploring opportunities to work with other healthcare-related organisations (additional cost may apply).

  3. Can you provide customised training?
    We can develop a course to meet your specific needs, but it will take time and may incur additional cost. Please share with us a detailed description of your learning needs, including:
    • The objective(s) of the training
    • The number of potential trainees who will attend the training
    • A rough estimation of the potential trainees' current competency
    • The amount of time available for the training, as well as any scheduling limitations

  4. Do your training programmes lead to any kind of formal certification?
    No. We are currently focused on more functional objectives (i.e. equipping our colleagues with the tools, knowledge and confidence they need to participate in scholarly communication and Academic Medicine).

  5. Do you charge course fees?
    This varies from course to course. Please check the details of each workshop/course on the Programme Listing.

  6. I do not need a full training session, but I have a very specific question about a piece of scholarly communication work I am preparing. Can you help?
    We offer consultancy as part of our Scholarship Services​ and Support. Contact us with your questions and requests at

  7. Can your trainers/facilitators deliver a course we have developed?
    Our trainers/facilitators are practising scholarly communication professionals. Our aim is to share some of our experience and expertise with our colleagues in SingHealth to enable them to increase their participation in Academic Medicine. Our focus means that we do not normally help to deliver courses on other subjects.

  8. Can I suggest a topic for you to cover in a course?
    We welcome feedback and suggestions on how we can better serve our colleagues in research and education; contact us at