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Publishing Journal and Books

Enabling the Sharing of Cutting-edge Research and Best Practices

Extensively researched publications have an essential role to play in furthering healthcare education. Working with Content Partners (subject matter experts in SingHealth institutions across the healthcare continuum, from doctors and nurses to allied health professionals and administrators), SingHealth Academy publishes a medical journal and book titles across three imprints, each designed to meet the needs of a different target audience.


Grey Cells Imprint ​
Publications on various healthcare topics and informational literature aimed at the wider public.

Red Cells Imprint
Publications of a professional nature catering to a wide range of healthcare professionals.

White Cells Imprint
Publications about clinical and healthcare-related research topics intended for a specialised audience.​

Click here to learn more about the SingHealth medical journal, Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare.
Click her​e to find out about the book titles published by SingHealth Academy. ​​​



  1. What can you do to help get my book published?
    We can assist in several areas:
    - Consultancy (advising on concepts, manuscripts, industry practices, author contracts, etc.)
    - Editorial and Design (providing writing, editing and layout services; securing permissions, etc.)
    - Production (developing specifications for product design, overseeing printing, etc.)
    - Inventory and Sales (supporting retail and distribution, content licensing, etc.)
    Consultancy is offered as a standalone service; Editorial and Design, Production, and Inventory and Sales are usually bundled as a book publisher package.
  2. What do you do as a book publisher?
    We take raw book manuscripts, develop them (i.e. refine concepts, write, edit, design, layout, oversee the production of additional content such as photos and illustrations, etc.) and produce market-ready copies of titles for sale and distribution to the public (taking care of legal, regulatory and administrative requirements along the way). We work with partners to sell the books in Singapore, as well as internationally.

  3. What kinds of books do you publish?
    We work with departments/institutions within SingHealth to publish original, unpublished healthcare-related educational titles that they have directed their staff to produce. The proposed title must be suitable for publication under the Red Cells or White Cells imprint. Manuscripts submitted to us must be original unpublished works clear of any legal entanglement (e.g. unlicensed content, copyright issues). Additionally, the department/institution must be prepared to fund the project and share copyright in the final published title with SingHealth.

  4. Do you publish eBooks?
    We have the technical capability to produce eBooks. However, we tend to be highly selective about the eBook projects we take on due to the additional considerations in producing an electronic publication (e.g. the eBook format, digital rights management, sales and distribution platforms, an appropriate business model).

  5. How much will it cost to publish a book?
    Most of our past publishing projects have ranged from about SGD15,000 to SGD25,000. However, a reasonably accurate estimate can only be made after determining the scope of a project, including the specifications for the book (e.g. size, material, colour, number of pages), the number of copies to be printed (usually no less than 1,000), and whether there is a need for additional content development or licensing. Because we work with external partners, prevailing market rates apply.

  6. What is the cost of printing?
    We rely on external partners for our printing needs, and do not provide standalone printing services. To get quotations, please approach suitable external vendors. To be cost-effective, 1,000 copies is the minimum print run we would recommend. There is a fixed base set-up cost for printing, which is averaged out per copy printed. So, more copies mean better cost-effectiveness.

  7. How long does it take for a book to be published?
    Approximately half of our titles were published in a year or less (shortest being about five months). The other half took between one-and-a-half and four years to complete. The duration of a book project depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the manuscript we receive, the availability of the authors, the amount of production work needed (e.g. editing, photography, illustration, design, etc.) and our publication schedule.

  8. Will we get royalties when the book is published?
    Our current working model does not involve the payment of royalties.

  9. Who owns the copyright to a book published by SingHealth Academy?
    According to the SingHealth Intellectual Property Policy, the institution owns copyright to a work that it directs its staff to produce. However, in order for SingHealth Academy to fulfill its obligations as a publisher, the institution will need to share copyright of the final published title with SingHealth.

  10. How do we engage your book publishing services?
    Send us an email at with your book proposal, which should include:
    - A copy of your draft,
    - Details on why you want to do the book (your objective),
    - Details on who the potential readers for the book may be (your target audience),
    - The number of copies you wish to publish,
    - The budget your department has allocated for the project, and
    - The deadline by which the book needs to be published.
    We will evaluate the proposal based on this information (so the more complete it is, the better). If the project is one we can take on, we will contact you to discuss how to proceed.