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Faces of Education 


"Administrators can contribute to the improvement of medical education."

Jillian Andrada
Institutional Coordinator (IC),
SingHealth Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office

When we think of superheroes in healthcare, the first image that comes to mind is probably of doctors and nurses. However, these front-line healthcare professionals are able to focus on performing their great feats because they know they can rely on the support of hardworking administrative staff, many of whom do their most important work in offices far from the public eye. Ms Jillian Ang Andrada, an Institutional Coordinator (IC) from the SingHealth Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office is one such administrator. 

In March 2018, Jillian won the inaugural Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education - International (ACGME-I) Award (Staff Category), a testament to her dedication and commitment to SingHealth Residency. Jillian stepped through the doors of SingHealth in 2009, and today manages a team of about 40 Programme Executives (PEs) and staff at the GME Office. Driven by her passion to make a difference, Jillian plays an important role in the management and development of Residents, and in the day-to-day functions of SingHealth Residency. Read Jillian's story here.