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Managers Development Programme (MDP) 

About the Programme

Managers are constantly dealing with changes and new challenges at work and in their lives. It is therefore important that they embrace continuous learning, not just to build competencies but also resilience. In addition, effective managers must be able to communicate and influence effectively as well as build credibility. Other important skills include the ability to coach and facilitate their teams. 

Programme Outline

Workshop 1: Self-Awareness
Participants will develop their self-awareness, and gain an understanding of how their thought patterns drive behaviours. Their personal mastery over their work and personal lives will grow, as they learn to embrace change with greater self-awareness, a positive mind-set, and a greater capacity to adapt and thrive in the face of ambiguity and stress. 


Workshop 2: Communications and Facilitation
Participants will learn how to be clear, open and assertive in sharing their ideas, as well as receive training on how to ask powerful questions and listen effectively. In addition, participants will also learn and practise on how to facilitate effective team discussions.


Workshop 3: Coaching
Participants will learn how to coach team members in one-on-one conversations, as well as in a group, so that their teams will develop greater clarity, confidence, self-awareness and the will to improve themselves.


Workshop 4: Leading Team and Managing People
Participants will have the opportunity to improve their understanding of human behaviour so that they can better influence, guide and motivate others more authentically and effectively. Participants will also learn how to build trust, delegate, and give feedback.


Workshop 5: Performance Management
Participants will be taught how to be more confident in having difficult conversations about performance, and how to use performance conversations as a platform to engage and motivate team members.


Workshop 6: Financial Governance, Procurement Policies and Strategic Overview
Participants will be  given an overview of SingHealth procurement policies, as well as strategic management and financial governance concepts. The session will also touch on strategic management and financial frameworks, and performance management tools

Target Audience

  • New team leaders (newly hired or promoted), who have direct reports, or who hold responsibilities in leading and managing teams
  • Staff who have recently transited from an individual contributor role to a team leader role

*This programme is for SingHealth staff only. 
For more information on MDP, please write to