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Essential Management Skills Programme (EMSP) 

About the Programme

Healthcare professionals today must be prepared to contend with rising expectations in their work. This may be especially challenging for new graduates who are just embarking on their professional careers. The Essential Management Skills Programme (EMSP) was developed to ease this transition for junior healthcare professionals new to the workforce.

The EMSP was developed based on a learning need analysis exercise that sought to identify key challenges faced by new healthcare employees. The analysis identified three key competency areas for development: Self-Awareness, Personal Resilience and Conflict Management. To incorporate Interprofessional Education (IPE) into the programme, an Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (IPCP) workshop was also included in the EMSP curriculum. 

Target Audience: 

Junior healthcare professionals new to the workforce

About the Faculty

The programme is organised by the College of Healthcare Administration and Leadership (CHeAL), and supported by faculty members from the College of Allied Health (CAH), the College of Clinical Medicine (CCM), the College of Clinical Nursing (CCN), the SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute of Medical Simulation (SIMS) and the Academic Medicine Education Institute (AM•EI).

Programme Outline

Participants will attend four separate modules, each covering different competencies:

Module 1: Personal Development and Self-Awareness
  • Exploring emotional intelligence
  • Developing self- awareness and awareness of others 
  • Understanding DISC Personality Profiling

Module 2: Building Personal Resilience 
  • Strengthening personal resilience 
  • Managing change effectively in work and personal life
  • Developing a solution-focused approach to achieving goals

Module 3: Conflict Management
  • Understanding conflict styles
  • Developing teamwork and resilience
  • Building trust and relationships

Module 4: Interprofessional Practice : The Heart of the Matter 
  • Establishing objectives, definitions and terminology 
  • Understanding teams and teamwork, as well as the challenges & barriers to IPP  
  • Participating in IPP activities
*This programme is for SingHealth staff only.
For more information on EMSP, please write to

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