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Message From Chair

Ms Ng Gaik Nai

Chair, SingHealth Academy College of Clinical Nursing (CCN);
Deputy Group Chief Nurse, SingHealth
Chief Nurse, SGH

Nursing has a rich history in Singapore; with the launch of the College of Clinical Nursing (CCN), we look forward to leading change and shaping the future of nursing in locally, regionally and globally.
We strongly believe in nurturing multi-skilled, well-trained nurses at all levels of nursing to strengthen our service-oriented and patient-centric environment.  The vision of the College is to train and groom nurses to be competent and caring healthcare practitioners, inquisitive researchers, and passionate educators. Through partnerships with local, regional and global healthcare organisations, CCN is able to offer professional development and nursing education at the right time and place to the right people.
The College of Clinical Nursing will build on the foundation for nursing excellence, provide lifelong learning opportunities and empower nurses with advanced clinical knowledge and expertise to improve patient health.
The roles and responsibilities of CCN include:
  • Shaping, developing and driving strategies that support clinical education and training of undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students, and continuing education of practitioners.
  • Providing a safe and nurturing environment for students to hone their skills and grow into excellent practitioners.
  • Consolidating and providing tools and resources to enable an effective teaching/learning environment and innovative curriculum.
  • Developing Faculty to enhance quality of education through best practices.
  • Developing leadership through certification and accreditation of educational programmes.
  • Building on existing relationships and forming new partnerships in clinical education, in line with SingHealth Academy's vision and mission.​