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About Us

The College of Clinical Medicine (CCM) coordinates and facilitates all clinical education avenues for physicians in SingHealth. CCM consolidates resources, facilities, opportunities and Faculty to provide an integrated and accessible training platform for doctors at different stages of training. 

Three offices drive the strategic goals of CCM, namely; the offices of Undergraduate (Medical Students), Graduate (Residency) and Postgraduate (Fellowship). These offices are responsible for developing strategies that ensure continuum in learning across all medical and surgical specialties.

Through partnerships with Medical Schools and the Academic Clinical Programmes, CCM aims to align the various stages of clinical medical education to meet the increasing complexity of care, so as to improve patient experience and outcomes. The College upholds a structured training pathway from undergraduate to graduate and post-graduate, with a focus on promoting interprofessional education and collaborative practice to build stronger and cohesive healthcare teams for better patient outcomes. CCM seeks to equip aspiring clinicians to build their competencies and confidence, while reinforcing the common commitment of all physicians toward better patient care. 


To be the best Clinical Medical Education training facility for tomorrow's medicine.


  • To deliver exemplary clinical medical education through innovative teaching, collaborative learning and extensive edu​cational research.
  • To develop clinicians who practice patient-cent​red, science-driven, team-based, inter-professional, cost-effective healthcare.​