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Postgraduate & 

Continuing Professional Education

CCD's Postgraduate & Continuing Professional Education office oversees and manages the dental fellowship training programme in National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS).

Interested oral health professionals are required to have completed their basic specialty training before applying to the programme.  Foreign specialists may apply for fellowship in the NDCS and selected SingHealth hospitals.  A certificate of training will be awarded upon successful completion.  

Postgraduate Education - Fellowship Programme

The dental fellowship programme provides dental professionals with opportunities to gain specialised clinical expertise and valuable exposure to clinical teaching experiences and research.

  • Fellowship in Maxillofacial Prosthetics


Minimum 6 months.​

  • Have obtained a higher degree in Dentistry or its equivalent; OR a postgraduate diploma or degree in Dentistry in their own country; 
  • Possess a minimum of 2 years of clinical work experience;
  • Are proficient in spoken and written English;
  • Hold valid Medical Malpractice Insurance;
  • Have successfully applied for Temporary Registration with the Singapore Dental Council (SDC);
  • Have successfully applied for a Training Employment Pass from the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

Training Dates: 

Training start dates are subject to available slots and department schedules. Applications have to be received at least 6 months prior to requested start date. 

Training Positions: 

One position under each programme is available.


For foreign specialists, sponsorship by parent country or institution is acceptable. A written agreement must be submitted, stating that prospective fellows or observers will return to their home country after completing the training programmes.


Download the application form or obtain more information by contacting us at

 Continuing Professional Education 

CCD is a major provider of continuing dental education opportunities for the dental profession in Singapore, offering more than 200 hours of education events annually. National Dental Centre Singapore staff members are active contributors to these programmes, and the College offers its teaching facilities to groups of dentists who are keen to organise programmes for continuing education.

Annually, the College conducts more than 160 educational events such as:
  • Clinical conferences;
  • Journal and study clubs;
  • Lecture series;
  • Implant treatments and case seminars for clinicians and residents;
  • Research talks;
  • Geriatric lectures and lectures from HMDP visiting experts.
In addition, the College offers targeted programmes, such as Paediatric Dentistry and Periodontic Care Partnership Programme lectures, which have been well-received by general practitioners and dental specialists.​

Click here​ to view the list of upcoming events.