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About Us 

The College of Clinical Dentistry (CCD) aims to be a leading provider of clinical dental education in Singapore and across the region. CCD builds on the tradition of educational excellence at the National Dental Centre Singapore, a renowned specialist centre that has been providing clinical dental training since the 1990s.​

CCD trains the full spectrum of oral healthcare teams with a team-based methodology designed to provide the most suitable dental care for each patient.

As part of a collective push to train competent oral healthcare professionals, the College partners leading education institutes to present quality programmes that are aimed at advancing the learning, teaching and practice of clinical dentistry education and training. In addition, CCD offers continuing education opportunities for dental professionals in Singapore and fellowship programmes for specialty training.



To educate and nurture the next generation of oral healthcare professionals through the provision of quality education programmes and dedicated faculty in collaboration with our education partners.

To be a leading education provider for oral healthcare professions in Singapore and the region.

Key Focus: 

  • To conduct excellent educational programmes by partnering education institutions and leveraging on inter-professional learning
  • To identify and nurture faculty by enhancing and encouraging life-long development and learning
  • To develop education innovation, research and scholarships
  • To engage learners in a vibrant and supportive education environment