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Career Conversation Programme

A meaningful career conversation between leaders and team members involves fostering growth, addressing challenges and aligning individual aspirations with organisational goals, while attending to well-being of team members. CAH in collaboration with WAND Inspiration Network, developed the Career Conversations programme for SingHealth Allied Health & Pharmacy leaders/supervisors to equip them with the mindsets, skills and techniques to hold meaningful developmental conversations, and eventually become a people-centric leader. 

Programme Objectives 

  • Create an action plan to have insightful career conversations
  • Master how to start a career conversation and build prograssive dialogue
  • Draw on a range of tools and techniques to manage a career conversations more effectively
    • How to say what is at stake during difficult career conversations
    • Holding the space during these conversations
    • Intention vs Impact effective listening
    • Acknowledging feelings and emotions
  • Use difficult career conversations to develop relationships with team members

Programme Format
The programme comprises of a 2 days face-to-face workshop, followed by 2 virtual small group coaching sessions.
Throughout the programme , participants will be engaged in experential learning activities such as role plays, case studies, self-reflection and homework to do in their own time. 

Programme Dates
6 run of career conversations are oganised in FY2023
​Run 1
​3 - 4 Oct 2023 (Tue & Wed)
​Run 2
16 - 17 Oct 2023 (Mon & Tue)​
​Run 3
​11 - 12 Jan 2024 (Thu & Fri)
​Run 4
29 - 30 Jan 2024 (Mon & Tue)​
​Run 5
​20 - 21 Feb 2024 (Tue & Wed)
​Run 6
13 - 14 Mar 2024 (Wed & Thu)​

Lunchtime Webinar: Charting a Meaningful Career in a Complex World

As a prelude to the launch to the Career Conversations programme in Octber 2023, CAH and WAND Inspiration Network jointly organised a lunchtime webinar for the SingHealth Allied Health Community. During the webinar, Wendy Chua, founder of WAND Inspiration Network, shared psychological models and tools that staff can use to prepare themselves for career development and growth. 

If you missed the webinar, you can view the recording *here and access the presentation slides here.

You may also download and read Wendy's free e-book, The WAND Way to Resilience by clicking here to gain more insights on how you can navigate the challenges of modern-day work and life.  

*only accessible to SingHealth staff