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Dr Loh Yong Joo

Head & Senior Consultant
Rehabilitation Medicine
Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Clinical Innovation
TTSH Clinical Research and Innovation Office

Dr Loh Yong Joo is currently Head and Senior Consultant at the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, TTSH. He is also the Director of Clinical Innovations in TTSH, Associate Clinical Director for the Centre for Healthcare Innovation and a member of TTSH Clinical Research Committee and National Healthcare Group (NHG)’s Centre for Medical Technology Innovations. Dr Loh’s clinical subspecialty is in neurorehabilitation managing patients with stroke, traumatic brain injury and other neurological conditions. His research interests are in rehabilitation technologies especially in the areas of virtual reality, wearable sensors, telehealth, serious gaming, robotics, gerontechnology and AI/deep learning in rehabilitation.

Presentation Title

Rehabilitation Telehealth and Digital Health Applications: Ethics and Regulations

With the recent pandemic and current advances in enabling technologies like telehealth and mobile digital applications, there are currently a lot of clinician interests to explore research, validation and implementation in their daily practice. This is especially so in the area of rehabilitation as there are constant intentions to motivate individuals to fulfil and continue training tasks towards better functional outcomes. With the limited manpower resources especially in the community, the use of telehealth applications will likely allow rehabilitation professionals to coordinate and respond to individual care needs better. Mobile digital applications with gamification elements will also help to motivate and intensify learning and training to activate individuals for self-ownership of their rehabilitation needs and progress. In this presentation, will attempt to share the current rehabilitation research opportunities and challenges in this area and briefly look at current institutional and technical initiatives that are ongoing to manage some of the challenges.      

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