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Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

0900 - 1000

Plenary Session

Ethical Challenges of IRBs in Singapore by Prof Chin Jing Jih, Prof Lo Yew Long & Prof Paul Tambyah

Digital Health Research

1. Ethical Issues in Digital Health Research Supported by Artificial Intelligence
by Dr Elizabeth A. Buchanan

2. Artificial Intelligence Assisted Decision-making in Research: Ethical Considerations
by A/Prof Ngiam Kee Yuan

Innovative Research

1. Ethical Challenges of Science at Warp Speed
by Prof Paul Komesaroff & Prof Ian Kerridge

2. Gene Therapy Ready Network - Speeding the Cures to Healthcare
by Mr James Riddle


1010 - 1110

Future of Clinical Research

1. Patient Centric Approach to Enhance Conduct of Research - Ethical Consideration
by Mrs Kylie Sproston

2. How to Approach Incidental Findings in Research
by Dr Ann Johnson

Telemedicine and Digital Health Applications Research

1.  Rehabilitation Telehealth and Mobile Digital Applications: Opportunities and Challenges
by Dr Loh Yong Joo

2. State-of-the-art Remote Consent : Can We Go Further?
by Prof Josip Car

Panel Discussion:

Emerging COVID-19 Hot Topic
by Asst Prof Owen Schaefer,
and more


1120 - 1220

Biobanks - A Platform for Research

1. Biobank Support of Human Health and Biomedical Research - Facilitating Research Outcomes While Ensuring Regulatory Compliance
by Prof Jennifer Byrne

2. Biobanking for Better Research and Healthcare
by Dr Eng Choon Boon

Research Integrity

1. Nurturing a Culture of Responsible and Reproducible Research in the Quest for Excellence and Impact
by Prof Andy Hor

2. Data Integrity: The Ultimate Shield Against Research Scandals
by Prof Timothy John White

Medical Device

1. Latest Developments in Medical Technology Research in APAC and Globally
by Dr Kazuaki Sekiguchi

2. Medical Device Trial: Ethical and Regulatory Considerations
by A/Prof Sng Ban Leong

1220 - 1230


*Please note that the programme is correct at the time of update. Stay tuned for more updates.