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Ms Lok Gek Fong Susan

Active Health Coach, Active Health Programme Design & Development,      
Sport Singapore

Susan Lok is an Active Health Coach with Sport Singapore and is Exercise is Medicine certified as well as in health and wellbeing coaching. Graduating with a degree in Sport Science & Management from Nanyang Technological University, she is passionate in educating and coaching individuals toward their health and fitness goals by tapping on intrinsic motivations to make sustainable lifestyle changes to enhance quality of life.

Presentation Title: Make Every Move Count by Active Health

This workshop features simple movement assessments and strategies to improve movement competency through the concept of 4Q and interactive activities using the Active Health Play Mat.

‘Moving more’ is not uncommon to all especially with the recent launch of the Singapore Physical Activity Guidelines, yet not many know the key to maximising the benefits. Here, a 4Q model is introduced to create awareness of your movements and improve competency through movement variation. This 4Q model categorises your movement based on single or multi-directional and whether it’s solely bodyweight or using any external resistance. Each quadrant has its unique benefits and mixing your activities up offsets the repetitiveness of activity, decreasing your potential of any pains and injuries.

Intrigued to find out more? Experience these movements for yourself and weave them into your routines to make every move count!

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