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Ms Lim Jie Kai Ethel

Dietitian, Nutrition and Dietetics,
KK Women's and Children's Hospital, Singapore

Ms Ethel Lim has been a clinical dietitian at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital for more than 6 years, with the main duty of assessing and providing medical nutrition therapy for patients, while working collaboratively within multidisciplinary care teams.

She graduated from Flinders University (Adelaide, South Australia) with First Class Honours, and has a special focus in eating disorders, paediatric weight management and the ketogenic diet in epilepsy treatment. Having previously represented her schools in sporting events, she has also developed a keen interest in sports nutrition.

Presentation Title: Nutrition in the Growing Athlete

Childhood and adolescence are critical time periods to develop sustainable and positive eating habits. Depending on each stage of development, social and emotional factors can influence how young people view themselves and their achievements, as well as how nutrition and supplementation are perceived. Expected changes to body composition, nutrition and responses to exercise during periods of growth and maturation should be advised to the young athlete and their caregivers. With the recent launch of the Singapore Integrated 24-Hour Activity Guidelines for Children and Adolescents, there is a focus on how the ‘whole day’s activities matters’ and this is important in considering the elevated nutritional requirements of a physically-active child and/or adolescent in order to achieve their best performances in the growing years.

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