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  About the Speaker


Dr Jean-Jasmin Lee

Family Medicine Service
Department of Medicine
KK Women's and Children's Hospital, Singapore

Dr. Jean-Jasmin Lee is a Consultant at the Department of Medicine (Family Medicine Service) at KK Women and Children’s Hospital. She is a Fellow of the College of Family Physicians and a Fellow of the European Society of Sexual Medicine.

Dr. Lee is a family physician with 19 years of experience of working in hospitals as well as in various settings of primary care. Presently, she treats women with issues pertaining to menopause, osteoporosis, obesity and sexual dysfunction. In KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Dr. Lee helped  to set up and run the Sexual Health Clinic (SHC) which is currently the only multidisciplinary centre in Singapore that helps patients with sexual dysfunction.  She has also been teaching for Duke-NUS and the College of Family Physicians for many years.  She is also involved in research, education and treatment related to chronic illnesses and women’s health and has various publications in these areas in medical journals.

Presentation Abstract

The Effect of Exercise on Sexual Function in Women

Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) is a common problem that can affect women of all ages. This impacts the individual as well as her partner’s health, relationships and quality of life. Worldwide, prevalence has been reported to vary amongst different countries and also amongst pre and post-menopausal women. Research shows that FSD affects 41% of pre-menopausal women worldwide. Exercise in general is known to improve both physical and psychological overall health. Physical activity and structured exercise has also been shown to influence sexual health in women. This talk hopes to explore the direct and indirect effect of exercise on the multiple domains of women’s sexual health and function.