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What I specifically like about the SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress is how it is separated into many streams and catered to various groups of people. Whether you are a doctor, nurse, allied health professional or researcher, there is something to gain for you.








~ Dr Dirk de Korne 
Deputy Director, Medical Innovation and Care Transformation,
KK Women's and Children's Hospital


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Keynote Lecture II
Genetic Models for Precision Medicine in a Learning Healthcare System


 Track type: Keynote


 Duration: 30 minutes


Location: Academia, Auditorium


 Speaker: Dr Edison Liu

Genomic medicine involves the provision of medical care that uses the power of genomic knowledge and technologies to resolve complex problems. The fundamental difference between this and older strategies in medicine is the comprehensiveness and the precision afforded by new genomic technologies such as in sequencing, cloning, and genotyping.  The complex gene-gene interactions and the differential impact of the diverse mutations found associated with any disease are not truly decipherable currently, making sequence data not really predictive. To this end, computational, cell-based, and in-vivo animal models are needed to test the functional impact of these genetic variations.

Making Precision Medicine a reality requires enabling systems other than those in the scientific laboratory. Traditionally, research and delivery of care were considered distinct entities, conceptually and in practice. This older paradigm of disseminating research through publications is haphazard and slow.  What is needed is the integration of innovation, research, and the delivery of care into a Learning Healthcare System.  The requirements are that investigators and practitioners work towards the same goals, and that implementation becomes an iterative experimental process. 


Singapore, by virtue of its organisation, its funding in biomedical sciences, and its advanced medical systems is a perfect venue to test this concept.        


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