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The SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress is different from other congress in the sense that many of the congresses we attend tends to be sub-specialised. However, this Congress has a little of everything and it allows the entire SingHealth community, together with our partner, Duke-NUS, to come together to share experiences.








~ Assoc Prof Loo Chian Min
Chief Medical Informatics Officer, SingHealth


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Geriatric Plenary
Communication in Serious Illness – An Evidence-based Approach


Track type: Plenary


 Duration: 45 minutes


 Location: Academia, Level 2, PSL 2

 Speaker: Dr James A. Tulsky


Physicians and other healthcare providers often struggle when communicating with seriously ill patients, particularly when broaching difficult topics such as the delivery of bad news and discussing goals of care. Multiple factors make these conversations difficult including patient expectations, uncertainty, patient and family emotions, and the lack of a cognitive framework for the conversation. This talk will offer an appreciation of the communication evidence related to what patients want from these conversations, the impact of communication on outcomes, what actually happens in practice, and what can be done to improve serious illness communication. The speaker will share research on using technological solutions to communication skills training, and will conclude with a talking map for discussing goals of care.


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