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The SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress is different from other congress in the sense that many of the congresses we attend tends to be sub-specialised. However, this Congress has a little of everything and it allows the entire SingHealth community, together with our partner, Duke-NUS, to come together to share experiences.








~ Assoc Prof Loo Chian Min
Chief Medical Informatics Officer, SingHealth


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Allied Health Plenary
Care in the Community


 Track type: Plenary


 Duration: 45 minutes


 Location: Academia, Level 1, L1-S1


 Speaker: Ms Yong Limin


Currently, there is an increasing trend of evidence-based community care services being developed. Deeper understanding of the fast changing community care needs is yet to be established, to meet the future demographic challenges due to rapidly ageing population.


Allied Health Professionals are actively adopting evidence-based practice and bench-marking with best practices to establish in-depth understanding on what is really needed in providing care in the community. The challenge is how we can achieve best care with sustainable resources in the community.


There is a need for manpower resources of Allied Health Professions to be further optimised in evidence-based community care delivery as well as in the long-term care capacity-building. Allied Health Professionals can identify and match the majority of community care needs directly through a timely manner in the new model of care in the community. This can be achieved by adopting roles such as community care needs assessor, integrated care plan decision maker, and care coordinator. Allied Health Professionals can train and supervise support staff to deliver more cost-effective care for clients who require long-term care in community.

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