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There's a lot of a difficult transitions in moving from a health system to an academic health system. There's issues that come up around education, delivery of care, time for teaching and research, integrating the research results you get into practice. Those are important difficult discussions, and you got to have a venue to have them and this Conference allows people to come together and talk about them!                








Dr Paul Klotman  
President and CEO, Executive Dean, Office of the President, Baylor College Medicine


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Genomics Symposium 
Precision Medicine: The New Paradigm

 Track type: Symposium

Date: 17 Sep 2021


 Time: 1050 - 1220

Location: Seminar Room 5

Precision medicine, fueled by improved understanding of genomics, is rapidly changing how healthcare is being delivered. The traditional “one size fits all” model of medicine is changing to “personalised medicine”, where treatment is tailored to the individual’s genome and disease biology. The symposium will focus on pharmacogenomics, precision oncology and health economics in precision medicine. 

Pharmacogenomics is the application of knowledge of genetic variations that affect an individual’s response to medications. it allows healthcare professionals to optimise the dose of the medication, and in some cases, choose an alternative medication that would minimise the risk of adverse events or poor efficacy. Precision Oncology uses the understanding of the individual’s genome together with the biology of the cancer to develop the most appropriate treatment for the individual.

Finally, one of the concerns with implementation of precision medicine is the possibility of increased cost to the healthcare system. However, analyses of large-scale genomic programmes have shown precision medicine to improve healthcare delivery with significant cost savings.


Harnessing Host Response Genomics for Early Detection and Diagnosis of Infectious


Speaker: Dr Geoffrey Ginsburg



Using Large-scale Genomic Data Sets to Improve the Interpretation of Human Genetic Variation


Speaker: Dr Daniel MacArthur


Precision Medicine in Singapore : Fostering Research and Innovation on a National-Scale


Speaker:  Prof Tan Boon Ooi, Patrick


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