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Programme at a Glance

14 October

​Time Programme
​0830 - 0900 Opening Ceremony​
​0900 - 1000

Keynote: Our Future Healthcare Landscape - Challenges and Opportunities

By Prof Benjamin Ong

Senior Vice President (Health Education & Resources), National University of Singapore,
Senior Consultant, Division of Neurology, Department of Medicine, NUHS

1000 - 1030 Break, e-Poster Viewing​
1030 - 1115 ​

5 Rights for Artificial Intelligence in Health

By Assoc Prof Daniel Ting

Consultant, Surgical Retina Department, SNEC
Director, Cluster AI Programme, SingHealth

​1115-1200 ​ ​

Think Fast, Fail Fast and Fail Smart - Learning from Failures and Building a Resilient Mindset and Learning Culture

By Prof Kenneth Kwek

Chief Executive Officer, SGH
Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer (Innovation & Informatics), SingHealth

​1200 - 1300 Lunch, ePoster Viewing​  ​
​1300 - 1400

Population Health: Sharing of initiatives and experiences

SingHealth's Strategy for Healthier Singapore Implementation

By Assoc Prof Low Lian Leng

Medical Director, Outram Community Hospital
Director, Population Health and Integrated Care Office (PHICO), SGH

NUHS Strategies for Implementation of Healthier Singapore

By Adj Asst Prof Chua Shi Siong

Medical Director, Regional Health System Office, NUHS

NHG's Approach to Population Health and Role of Allied Health

By Mr Eric Ho Chun Keong

Director, Allied Health, Woodlands Health
Director, Regional Health Office, Woodlands Health

1400 - 1445

Think Big - Preparing AHPs for Healthier Singapore

By Assoc Prof Susan Niam

Chief Allied Health Officer, Ministry of Health, Singapore
Registrar of the Allied Health Professions Council

1445 - 1515

Developing the AHP Role in Prevention and Population Health Within the UK

By Ms Linda Hindle

Deputy Chief Allied Health Professional Officer for England

1515 - 1535 Break, e-Poster Viewing​
1535 - 1635​ 

Leadership at All Levels is a Paradigm

Group Director, Allied Health, SingHealth

By Mr Michael Ong

Emerging & Evolving Leaders

By Ms Melissa-Raye Teo

Senior Podiatrist, Jurong Health

By Ms Goh Ming Rong

Principal Physiotherapist, Woodlands Health

By Mr Ong Yi Xiong

Senior Radiographer, SKH

Established & Exemplary Leaders

By Dr Lim Yen Peng

Head, Nutrition & Dietetics, TTSH
Deputy Director, Group Allied Health, NHG

By Assoc Prof Camilla Wong 

Director, Allied Health, SKH 
Chief Pharmacist, MOH

​1635 - 1800 Oral Presentations

15 October


Time Programme
​0830 - 0930

Servant Leadership - Leading by Serving Others

By Dr Ang Hui Gek

Director, Allied Health Division, SGH

0930 - 1030

Tackling Burnout in the Modern Allied Healthcare Professional

The Whos, Whys

By Dr Wang Aiwen 

Senior Principal Clinical Pharmacist, SGH
Lecturer, National University of Singapore

Fostering Resilience in the Workplace

By Dr Evelyn Boon

Head, Psychology, SGH
Peer Support Lead, SingHealth HQ

Panel Discussion (45 minutes) moderated by Dr Wang Aiwen 

By Assoc Prof Phua Ghee Chee

Group Director, Staff Wellness, SingHealth

By Assoc Prof Lita Chew

Group Director, Allied Health, SingHealth

By Dr Evelyn Boon

Head, Psychology, SGH
Peer Support Lead, SingHealth HQ

By Ms Tan Yi Ling

Senior Orthoptist, SNEC

By Ms Cheryl Au Mae Ying

Senior Dietitian, KKH

1030 - 1045

Break, e-Poster Viewing​

1045 - 1145

​Caring for the Caregiver - Identifying Caregiver Burnout and Stress

They Matter - Caring for the Caregivers

By Ms Lim Sok Hwee

Programme Manager, Home-based Intervention Programme, Dementia Singapore

Kindness, Love & Faith, made the Impossible Possible

By Ms Josie Low

Co-Chair, SingHealth Patient Advocacy Network (SPAN)

1145 - 1215 ​ Awards Presentation​ ​
​1215 - 1230 Closing