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Welcome Message

​​On behalf of the organising committee, we are delighted to welcome all to the 2nd Singapore Allied Health Conference that will take place from October 13 – 15, 2022.

Our unprecedented experiences of living in a pandemic, now endemic, is an incessant reminder of the adage “the only constant is change.” Allied Health Professionals are no stranger to the constant changes and progress in our practice stemming from research, innovation, and education. The theme of this year’s Conference ‘Embrace, Engage, Excel in Change’  aims to encapsulate this. You are invited to be enriched and inspired by the latest in allied health research, transformative clinical practices, and trailblazing innovations.
This upcoming Conference will focus on four areas that underpin today’s change climate:
Leadership at all levels
Leadership is relevant to all Allied Health Professionals as we are involved in managing change, whether it is at an individual level by expanding one’s capacities and strengths, or small-scale change programs in the department, or leading others in the organisation to achieve strategic goals. Leadership at all levels emphasises the collective performance of everyone, not the solo acts of an individual, to achieve greater transformative results.
Embracing technology advancement in healthcare practice
Technology is changing the future of healthcare. The increasingly pervasive adoption of artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, 3D-printing, and robotics to enhance patient care is testament to how the healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving with technology. Allied Health Professionals need to embrace technological advancements and work hand-in-hand with technology to stay relevant in the coming years.
Mental well-being and resilience of healthcare workers and caregivers
Maintaining resilience is imperative as healthcare professionals and caregivers experience change in their lives. For caregivers, the impact of caregiving on their mental well-being and health highlight the need for resilience to support and care for themselves as they take on the role to care for a loved one. For healthcare professionals, resilience enables us to be more positive and adaptable in the changing landscapes of healthcare, and welcome change as opportunities for learning and growth. 
Population and preventive health
The ageing population demand a shift towards a focus on population and preventive health, adopting a proactive approach to promote a healthier Singapore. Allied Health Professionals have the potential to explore beyond their traditional roles to be key providers of preventive care and early intervention.
We are confident all healthcare professionals, students, industry partners and experts will immensely benefit from the wide ranging and multidisciplinary content of the Conference program.
This year’s Conference is also held to honour International Allied Health Professionals Day that is celebrated annually on 14 October. It is our honour this year to join this meaningful movement to raise the profiles of allied health professions and the critical role we play in the health and social care systems. Join us as we come together and celebrate our diverse professions as one.
We warmly welcome you to this Conference and look forward to your participation.
Sharon Wong.png
Assoc Prof Sharon Wong
Organising Committee

Dr Silvana Choo
Organising Committee