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Clinical Director of Allied Health Professions and
Deputy Chief Allied Health Professions Officer,
Nursing Directorate, NHS Improvement, United Kingdom


• Speaker, Allied Health Symposium, 21 Sep 2018

 Speaker, Allied Health Plenary, 22 Sep 2018


Dr Joanne Fillingham, PhD, is a Speech and Language Therapist, who qualified in 1998 and completed a PhD in 2005. She has worked in clinical and leadership roles, across primary, community and secondary care settings at a local, regional and national level in England. She was the first to be appointed to the role of Clinical Fellow to the Chief Allied Health Professions Officer in NHS England and led the delivery of ‘AHPs into Action’. She joined NHS Improvement as the first Clinical Director for Allied Health Professions (AHPs) in December 2016, where she provides expertise on how NHS Improvement can work to support trusts in service improvement and the professional development of AHPs.

Joanne, @jkfillingham, is also passionate about harnessing the use of social media to transform care. She co-founded @WeAHPs with @NaomiMcVey @HelenOwen3 and the support of #WeCommunities, #ResNetSLT twitter journal club with @HazelRoddam1 @EmmaPagnamenta and the support of @RCSLT and also supports @WestMidRCSLTHub.