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One of the nice features of this congress is the interprofessional participation. The sessions bring together all members of the team such as the physicians, nurses and therapists, which is really how it works in healthcare as well.








~ Prof Ruth Kleinpell-Nowelln 
Director, Center for Clinical Research & Scholarship, Rush University Medical Center, USA


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Research Symposium I
Integrated Platform for Research in Advancing Metabolic Health Outcomes in Women and Children (IPRAMHO) — Challenges & Opportunities

 Track type: Symposium

Date: 21 Sep 2018


 Time: 1520 - 1650

Location: Academia, Level 2, L2-S3 & L2-S4

The platform aims to improve education and research into gestational diabetes, childhood diabetes & obesity and metabolic diseases in pregnancy, women and children; in Singapore, South-east Asia and beyond. It facilitates collaboration with national, regional and international societies/professionals in research, education and management in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM), obesity & metabolic diseases in pregnancy, women and children. 

It is important for our community to work collaboratively upstream from hospitals to primary care to lay strong foundations for our young to lead healthier and more productive lives, starting from the womb and early years of the child life. The opportunities, challenges, and the results of IPRAMHO studies will be shared.


Geospatial Analytics for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus & Birth Weights


Speaker: Prof Tan Kok Hian



Prevention of Progression to Diabetes Mellitus in Mothers with History of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus


Leveraging on Newer Modality of Glucose Monitoring to Improve Metabolic Health


Healthy by Design: Effects of a Portion Design Plate on Food Group Guideline Adherence


IPRAMHO Asia Collaborative Studies on Gestational Diabetes

Speaker: Prof Zhang Jun Jim

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